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Artist Bio
Chris Dudley is an Award-Winning Artist born in 1976.  He began drawing before entering preschool and has never stopped.  Dudley, as his wife calls him, has a passion for drawing and illustration, but dabbles in all things art!  He's had the privilege to draw many commission portraits over the past 25+ years, in addition to receiving acceptance into many juried exhibitions.  While he stays busy with commission work, he also spends much of his time illustrating children's books and teaching art.  Chris and his wife, Tawana, have three daughters.  All three of which have learned draw. No...they didn't inherit it, if only it were that easy! 

"I was raised in Grand Rapids and have lived here most of my life, aside from a few years spent residing in Brooklyn, NY.  I've enjoyed an avid interest in art from a very early age.  I won't say that I'm a self-taught artist, as I feel all artists are self-taught.  Like many things, art is learned through consistency and experimentation.  Someone can teach you basic principles, but you have to teach yourself how to apply them.  I like to think of it as taking the game-winning shot.  A minute adjustment can make the difference between a make or miss, a win or a learning experience.


"Art is similar, a slight adjustment can make a HUGE difference in the outcome.  That said, most (if not all) artwork is a learning experience. Being an artist is truly a journey. Our perception, inspiration and motivation continually change over time.  So does

the art we make!"





Artist Statement

"Drawing has been a major part of my life for nearly four decades. While I appreciate all artistic media, I will always have a love for pencil drawing. It is the most basic and readily accessible tool for drawing. Regardless of one's age, gender, race, background or even social status; we can all get our hands on a pencil! Drawing is where all artists start their journey. 

"Though often marginalized, drawing is a vital part of society. Buildings we enter, clothes we wear and the items we use, all had to be drawn before they were brought into existence. Art touches every aspect of our lives and goes well beyond the decorative pieces on our walls. 


"My goal is to capture the emotion of my subjects and thereby initiate a sequence of emotions in the viewer.  Most art is viewed in the absence of the artist. Therefore, I always consider what is conveyed without explanation. Visual stimulation is just the beginning, the viewer's life experiences and disposition in the presence of the work provide the rest of the equation. It is in this way, that "we" (artist and viewer) collaborate to create an experience."

2022 World of Winter Festival (grant recipient)
            "Frozen Fun!" 
             World of Winter - The Largest Winter Festival in the Midwest! (
2020   Virtual Arts Festival (Online Juried Exhibition)
          *Festival of the Arts Regional Exhibition: Cancelled due to COVID 19
2019   Ella's Art Gallery Grand Opening Exhibition
2019   Festival of the Arts Regional Exhibition (Juried Exhibition)
         Kendall College of Art and Design (Venue)
          Mary Reusch (Juror)
2018   Festival of the Arts Regional Exhibition (Juried Exhibition)
         Kendall College of Art and Design (Venue)
          Olivia Timmons (Juror)
          "Purchase Award"
2017   Art Feast 5 (Exalta Health Silent Auction)
2016   Festival of the Arts Regional Exhibition (Juried Exhibition)
         Urban Institute of Contemporay Arts (Venue)
          Matthew Schenk (Juror)
2015   Festival of the Arts Regional Exhibition (Juried Exhibition)
         Urban Institute of Contemporay Arts (Venue)
          Patricia Hendricks Constantine (Juror)
          "Purchase Award"
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